Score Another One for the Home Team!

Score Another One for the Home Team!

Mike-Varney_Tucson-Metro-Chamber_borderCan you handle some more good news?  A recent article published by Bloomberg reports that Tucson has the third best year-over-year job growth among cities with populations of 500,000 or more.


There seems to be an element of regionalism in the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics numbers.  Cities in the south and west dominate the list of fastest-growing areas.  Cities in oil country, the Rust Belt and upstate New York are on the list of cities with the slowest job growth.

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Another trend seems to be the size of the city.  Cities exhibiting the fastest growth are generally mid-size in nature.  None of the usual suspects such as San Francisco made the top ten.

It is important that our citizens have jobs.  It is also important that those jobs are the kind of jobs that pay well so we can boost the level of average household income.  When people have more money they spend more money.  Our economy is largely driven by consumers, so consumer spending levels are vital to our prosperity.  When people spend more money they pay more sales taxes.  Sales tax revenue is what our governmental bodies use to pave roads, build parks and ensure our public safety.

We need more announcements like Caterpillar and World View to give our economy much-needed booster shots.  But we also need to make it easy for existing businesses to grow and expand, something we work on every day here at the Tucson Metro Chamber.

To read the full Bloomberg article, click HERE


Michael V. Varney
President & CEO