Led advocacy efforts to raise $19.5 MILLION IN ROAD REPAIR FUNDS through county-wide property tax to improve road conditions

Made 804,424 MEMBER REFERRALS through the Chamber’s website and online business directory

DEFEATED Prop 127, a PERMANENT 1/2 CENT SALES TAX increase in the City of Tucson

Coalition Against Retail Theft (CART) HELD 50 WORKSHOPS to create solutions to the growing problems of retail theft

MET MORE THAN 100 TIMES with City Council, County Board, mayors of Tucson, Marana, Oro Valley and Sahuarita, state legislators and Gov. Ducey’s office to promote job creation and economic expansion

TRACKED 84 DIFFERENT BILLS at the state legislature

Published summary of state and local elected officials’ voting records. STATE OFFICIALS VOTED WITH THE CHAMBER 75% OF THE TIME

Fought to keep A-10 flying at Davis- Monthan Air Force Base and preserve estimated $2.98 BILLION ECONOMIC IMPACT of Davis-Monthan and the 162nd Air National Guard

LED THE TALENT RECRUITMENT TASK FORCE, a group of major employers the Chamber will serve by creating a talent and recruitment toolkit to help them be more successful

LED DELEGATION OF BUSINESS LEADERS TO WASHINGTON, DC and met with the entire Arizona delegation officials to advocate for matters important to the growth and prosperity of Southern Arizona’s economy

HOSTED 266 MEMBERS AT EIGHT INTERFACE meetings to create dialog between local business executives, County Administrator Huckelberry and Mayor Rothschild

CONVENED MORE THAN 3,750 LOCAL BUSINESS EXECUTIVES at 23 events in 2018 to make connections and gain business opportunities

HONORED 52 LOCAL SMALL BUSINESSES and charitable non-profit businesses, before an audience of 900, at the Copper Cactus Awards for their excellence and achievements

CONNECTED MILITARY PERSONNEL INTO MAINSTREAM JOBS. An aerospace and defense hiring event connected 68% of attendees with new jobs

Hosted more than 62 RIBBON CUTTING CEREMONIES celebrating members’ milestones, anniversaries and grand openings