Yesterday voters across Pima County said “NO” to increased taxation. It appears voters feel tapped out on local government taxation, particularly new taxation to fund education and special interests. Taxation specifically for preschool, school bonds, school budget overrides, new parks and the zoo appear to have all failed this morning.

Regarding education, four of the five propositions throughout the County failed, a staggering contrast to Maricopa County where it appears* all 27 education-related measures have passed. While the Tucson Metro Chamber strongly opposed Prop 204 (Strong Start Tucson), we did support Prop 458, the investment in Tucson’s largest school district through $180 million in bonds for facility upgrades. The sole winner yesterday was the $24 million bond in Flowing Wells S.D.

The Tucson City Council has a new member, Paul Durham, after he won the race for Ward 3. The challenger, Gary Watson, ran as an independent in an election system which does not make doing so easy. We thank both candidates for a good race, which focused on issues, and look forward to working with Councilman Durham.

Councilmembers Fimbres and Kozachik won their respective re-election campaigns easily. Fimbres was unchallenged, while Kozachik, a Democrat, faced challengers from both a Republican and Green Party member. All three will be sworn in to office in early December.

Unfortunately Proposition 406 failed. Proposition 406, if passed, which would have raised the Mayor and Council salaries to an amount more in line to similar communities. This is the “umpteenth” time salary increases have failed at the ballot box. While frustrating, it is not surprising.

Below are the results* from all the elections yesterday in Pima County:

City of Tucson Council Member Ward 3

Durham, Paul (DEM) – 59%

Watson, Gary (IND) – 40%

Write In – 1% (624)


City of Tucson Council Member Ward 5

Fimbres, Richard (DEM) – 94%

Write In – 6% (3,034)


City of Tucson Council Member Ward 6

Kozachik, Steve (DEM) – 60%

Rodriguez, Mariano (REP) – 33%

Cease, Mike (GRN) 7%

Write In – 0% (214)


City of Tucson Proposition 202 (Reid Park Zoo #1)

Yes – 52%

No – 48%


City of Tucson Proposition 203 (Reid Park Zoo #2)

Yes – 49.8%

No – 50.2%


City of Tucson Proposition 204 (1/2 Cent Sales Tax increase)

Yes – 34%

No – 66%


City of Tucson Proposition 406 (Mayor and Council Raises)

Yes – 28%

No – 72%


Town of Oro Valley Proposition 454 ($17M Bond for Park)

Yes – 28%

No – 72%


Avra Valley Fire District Proposition 461 ($600K override)

Yes – 51.3%

No – 48.7%


Drexel Heights Fire District Proposition 459 ($8M Bonds)

Yes – 68%

No – 32%


Flowing Wells Unified School District Proposition 455 ($24M Bond)

Yes – 61%

No – 39%


Marana Unified School District Proposition 456 ($2M Bond)

Yes – 38%

No – 62%


Picture Rocks Fire District Proposition 460 ($400K Override)

Yes – 42%

No – 58%


Sunnyside Unified School District Proposition 457 ($9.5 Override)

Yes – 36%

No – 64%


Tucson Unified School District Proposition 458 ($180M Bond)

Yes – 41%

No – 59%


*As of 10:30 am on November 8, 2017