Vote NO on Propositions 205 & 206

Vote NO on Propositions 205 & 206

Don’t Let Out Of State Special Interests Use YOUR Business As a Testbed For Bad Public Policy

On November 8, Arizona voters will decide whether or not to legalize recreational marijuana. Proposition 205, written by the Washington, D.C.-based Marijuana Policy Project (MPP) is more than 20 pages in length. Arizonans are being bombarded with messages claiming Proposition 205 will send millions to Arizona schools. But we know that’s not true based on the Colorado experience. And there’s more…

Prop 205 poses great threats to workplace safetynoprop205_profpic

  • Workers who test positive for marijuana experience 55% more industrial accidents and 85% more injuries.
  • Under Prop 205, employers will only be able to take action against the marijuana-using employee if that employee is performing a task that constitutes “negligence or professional malpractice.” This means no preventative actions to keep employees safe.
  • Prop 205 is 20 pages of new laws that give marijuana users rights over those who do not use, and strips employers’ ability to maintain a safe and drug-free workplace.

Prop 205 Endangers Arizona Kids

  • Prop 205 authorizes the production and sale of highly-concentrated marijuana edibles and candies without limits on potency and allows blatant advertising of marijuana and marijuana products. In Colorado, edibles make up almost half the marijuana market.
  • Prop 205 permits sales of marijuana edibles near preschools and youth clubs such as Boys & Girls Clubs.
  • Prop 205 will fund big government before schools see a cent. Arizona schools have heard enough broken promises.

For Arizona, There Will Be No Way Out

  • Prop 205 prohibits almost all cities and towns in Arizona from banning marijuana operations in our communities. Unlike Colorado, there is no local opt-out.
  • Because of Arizona’s 1998 Voter Protection Act, if Prop 205 passes, there is virtually no turning back. The Governor cannot veto it and the Legislature cannot repeal it.

And if that’s not enough to worry about…..

No-Prop-206Small businesses are the heart of Arizona’s economy. Yet Prop 206 hits small business with a significant new labor cost…plus an expensive new regulation that few small businesses can afford.

Arizona’s economy was one of the worst-hit in the country during the recession, and we’re just now getting our jobs back. Why would we hit small businesses with big new costs and regulations now, just when we’re starting to recover?

Prop 206 will cost jobs. It will hit small businesses hard, and will price younger and less-skilled workers out of the jobs market.

Vote No on Prop 206. Protect Arizona Jobs.