City Council Votes 6-1 to Support Job Creators

City Council Votes 6-1 to Support Job Creators

The Tucson City Council voted 6-1 last night to support a rezoning request to allow for the development of a new retail center at the northeast corner of Houghton Rd. and E 22nd St. This is a vote in favor of job creation and in favor of adding a new asset to Tucson’s east side.

The Tucson Metro Chamber followed this process for months and supported the rezoning request. At last night’s meeting Council members proceeded cautiously and frequently asked for legal and technical clarification from City of Tucson administrative staff. In the end, their votes came down to interpretation of the balance struck between the developer’s plans and the Houghton East Neighborhood Plan. As the discussion unfolded, it became clear that the developer exhibited sensitivity and flexibility in its development plan. The neighborhood association (and it’s “dream team” of neighborhood activists as one Council member put it) saw the development as an all-or-nothing proposition.

Special recognition for being an impassioned and articulate supporter of job creation and for helping to lead the discussion in the direction of its ultimate approval goes to Ward 4 City Council Member Shirley Scott. Council Member Scott noted all that was right with the developer’s plans and noted the neighborhood association’s refusal to even meet with the developer.

See Tucson Metro Chamber President and CEO Mike Varney’s letter and prepared statement to the mayor and Council here.

As a result of last night’s vote by the City Council, Tucson’s east side will have a beautiful new and thoughtfully-designed retail center and dozens of our neighbors will have new job opportunities.