New Year, New Emerging Leaders Council Members

We have an exceptional 2021 planned and are proud to announce the newest members of our Emerging Leaders Council (ELC) joining us for the first meeting of the year this week:

Alaina Krone | UArizona Cancer Center
Carina Flores | Morgan Stanley
Gustavo Corte | RBC Wealth Management
Iman Daryaei | TheraCea Pharma
Jose Arias | First Citizens Bank
Kristen Wendler | Farhang & Medcoff
Lacey John | UArizona Alumni Assoc.
Morgan Abraham | AAG Realty
Sean Goslar| Chicanos Por La Causa

These new members will attend monthly roundtable meetings with robust discussions about what political, economic and social challenges we face here in Southern Arizona. Most importantly, they will receive one-on-one mentorship with a local senior executive that helps navigate the professional and personal journey one takes as young community leaders. This year is sure to be full of new and intriguing topics as we move forward in a different world than we woke up in last January!

January is National Mentoring Month and we are grateful for the diverse and dedicated group of mentors that volunteer their time to our Emerging Leaders Council members. We asked some of our ELC Members to describe what mentorship is to them. We love each response showing the many meanings of ‘mentorship’. Here are a couple from our ELC Leaders:

“Mentorship is an ancient form of teaching, typically centered around transferring knowledge between a wise old teacher and a younger pupil with much to learn. I believe there are three core pillars that are found in any successful mentorship pairing: complementary communication styles, mutual value exchange and relevant experience that is capable of being given and received between both people. I would not be where I am today without the mentors that have guided me both professionally and personally, which is why I joined ELC to secure such a critical resource to my growth.”
– Nick Morin, Founder | Growers Network & President | Emerging Leaders Council

“To me mentorship is simply guidance from someone in the community (or in general) whom we admire on a personal or professional level or even both. Aspiring to emulate the success they have created, as mentees we do our best to offer them our time and effort in exchange for their wisdom and experience. Mentorships aren’t one sided relationships but rather mutually beneficial where both the mentor and mentee have something of value they can contribute.”
– Isaac Figueroa, Chief Commercial Officer & Managing Director | BFL Ventures and BFL Construction
& Mentorship Committee Chair | Emerging Leaders Council

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