Since 1896, the Tucson Metro Chamber has proudly served as the voice of business in the Tucson metropolitan area. The Chamber’s capacity to successfully engage in the political process is vital to continued economic growth and a quality of life in our region.

The Tucson Metro Chamber PAC, was established to identify and financially support pro-business candidates get elected to state, county and local municipal offices. Having pro-business candidates in office helps improve the economic climate throughout Tucson and Southern Arizona. The Tucson Metro Chamber PAC is proud to support candidates from both political parties who best represent the interests of job creation and economic growth.

The outcome of elections have direct consequences on the bottom line of your business and the direction of our state and regional economy. It is therefore imperative that we work together to elect pro-business leaders who will support the Chamber’s legislative agenda. As a supporter of the Tucson Metro Chamber PAC, you will help ensure the Chamber has the resources necessary to positively impact political campaigns across the state.

Please support the Tucson Metro Chamber PAC. By working together, we can ensure that business will have a seat at the table when public policy is discussed and enacted.

Tucson Metro Chamber PAC


What is the Tucson Metro Chamber PAC?

The Tucson Metro Chamber’s Political Action Committee (PAC) was organized to better fulfill the Tucson Metro Chamber’s mission of creating a more business friendly environment in Tucson and Southern Arizona.

The PAC is funded by contributions from individuals* who share in this mission.

See note at bottom.

Why is it Important?

Government leaders at the state, county and local levels make decisions impacting businesses every day.

From health care to workplace regulations and from transportation to education, these decisions have a direct and consequential effect on the success of our businesses as well as our region’s ability to attract new employers.

It is vital for companies in our community to support candidates who understand the impact of their decisions on Southern Arizona businesses and families.

Great! How Can I Help?

For a minimum contribution of $10, you can help the Chamber elect pro-business leaders by supporting the Tucson Metro Chamber PAC.

The next important city or state election is right around the corner and your support is needed to ensure tomorrow’s leaders share our views.

Your personal contributions (corporate contributions are prohibited by law) can help make a difference in the elections. To make your personal contribution to the Tucson Metro Chamber PAC, access the contribution form or contact Fernanda Quintanilla at (520) 792-2250 x 129

* Contributions to the Tucson Metro Chamber PAC must be in the form of personal contributions or contributions from other PACs (corporate contributions are not allowed by law) and are UNLIMITED per calendar year.