State Legislative Agenda



  • Support legislation that provides liability relief from COVID-19 related claims

  • Advocate for incentives that encourage job creation, capital investment, and facilitate Arizona’s ability to attract and retain businesses

  • Support a state budget that prioritizes economic growth, and makes strategic investments in infrastructure, education, public safety, and workforce development

  • Support Arizona’s military families, veterans, and installations

  • Support efforts to strengthen Arizona’s ability to utilize public-private partnerships

  • Advocate for investment in Southern Arizona workforce initiatives to enhance long term economic growth

  • Support post-secondary institutions advancing research, innovation, strategic partnerships, entrepreneurship, career and technical training, and workforce development

  • Advocate for changes in the liquor law to allow liquor consumption and sales to be allowed on non-contiguous areas covered by temporary extension of premises

  • Oppose single payer and other government-sponsored programs that unfairly compete against the private market

  • Oppose government intrusion into private workplace management and efforts that place private business at a competitive disadvantage

  • Advocate for initiatives to support the preservation and production of affordable housing as community infrastructure

  • Support legislation that exempts property owners from increased tax burden because of government mandated compliance with Americans with Disabilities Act, as well as county and municipal life and safety building improvements

  • Support efforts to lower health care costs, including opposing any legislative efforts that would destabilize the current health insurance market


  • Advocate for any legislation or budget proposal that increases the lump sum appropriation to the university and community college systems to support the cost of education and capital projects

  •  Oppose any legislation that would create an unfunded mandate for the university and community college systems

  • Support investment in the State’s University system that enhances Arizona’s competitiveness in the New Economy

  • Support the enterprise model of operations which recognizes and advances each University and their differentiated missions while reducing regulation, increasing operational flexibility, and minimizing costs of conducting business

  • Oppose any policy that removes the universities and community colleges authority to oversee and manage campus operations

  • Advocate for new and increased financial resources for P-20 education and quality early childhood education

  • Support modernization and simplification of the state’s P-20 funding system

  • Advocate the reinstatement of full funding for four-year Joint Technical Education District (JTED) programming

  • Ensure all students have the digital literacy skills needed to succeed in today’s workplace. Advocate for necessary technology and sufficient funding


  • Advocate for new and increased revenue sources for transportation infrastructure projects including airports, roads, highways, interstates and the proposed Sonoran Corridor

  • Oppose sweeps from dedicated transportation funding models into the general fund

  • Pursue funding restoration through a one-time or multi-year allocation to repay the previous budget cycle sweeps from the Highway User Revenue Fund, the Lake Improvement Fund, and the Aviation Fund

  • Advocate for full restoration of revenue share funding back to counties and municipalities

  • Support policies that remove regulatory barriers and reduce government-driven costs that inhibit private investment in expansion of broadband services in Arizona

  • Support legislation, regulation and policies that recognize utility infrastructure delivery systems as assets requiring consistent maintenance, improvement, and support through investments by all users

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