2018 General Election Endorsements

The Tucson Metro Chamber is YOUR advocate when it comes to ensuring we have a continually improving business climate in Southern Arizona. We champion issues that impact businesses of all sizes. Our 2018-2019 core policy focus areas include: infrastructure and the ability to build and fund necessary assets; workforce development to improve and grow our current and future workers; and creating a business climate that is sustainable and promotes a prosperous community. We strongly believe in electing officials that are collaborative partners who support overall business advocacy needs. In an effort to elect officials who will help achieve those organization policy goals, the Tucson Metro Chamber is endorsing the following candidates:

  • Doug Ducey (R)


  • Kimberly Yee (R)


  • Justin Olson (R)

    Arizona Corporation Commission

  • Shelley Kais (R)

    Arizona District 2, Senate

  • Chris Ackerley (R)

    Arizona District 2, House

  • Daniel Hernandez (D)

    Arizona District 2, House

  • Randall Friese (D)

    Arizona District 9, House

  • David Bradley (D)

    Arizona District 10, Senate

  • Todd Clodfelter (R)

    Arizona District 10, House

  • Mark Finchem (R)

    Arizona District 11, House

  • Gail Griffin (R)

    Arizona District 14, House

The Chamber extended interview invitations to all candidates that were on the August primary ballot, holding over fifty 20-minute interviews. A special thanks to our members who serve on the Candidate Evaluation Committee for the tremendous time commitment and effort they put into the interview process. The Candidate Evaluation Committee has even representation from registered Democrats, Republicans, and Independents — just like our Chamber community.

We hope that you will give strong consideration to the candidates when you and your employees cast their ballots. As always, should you have any questions, please give us a call at (520) 792-1212.

Ballot Propositions

Proposition 125
Public Retirement System Reforms
Proposition 126
The Protect Arizona Taxpayers Act
Proposition 127
Clean Energy for a Healthy Arizona Act
    Proposition 407
    City of Tucson Parks & Connections Bond
    Proposition 463
    Pima County Road Bonds

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    It’s easy! Navigate to one of the following voter resources to get registered to vote by October 9:

    • Pima County Public Libraries

      In person at Pima County Public Libraries. Find locations at library.pima.gov