Arizona Corporation Commission
Lea Marquez-Peterson (R)
Bill Mundell (D)

District 2
Daniel Hernandez* (D) - House

District 3
Alma Hernandez* (D) - House

District 4
Lisa Otondo* (D) - Senate

District 9
Victoria Steele* (D) – Senate
Randall Friese* (D) – House
Brendan Lyons (R) – House

District 10
Kirsten Engel* (D) – Senate
Domingo DeGrazia* (D) – House
District 11 Vince Leach* (R) – Senate
Mark Finchem* (R) – House
Bret Roberts* (R) – House

District 14
David Gowan* (R) - Senate Gail
Griffin* (R) - House
Becky Nutt* (R) – House

Pima County Supervisor District 1
Rhonda Pina (R)

Pima County Supervisor District 2
Ramon Valadez (D)

Pima County Supervisor District 3
Sharon Bronson (D)

Pima County Supervisor District 4
Steve Christy (R)

Pima County Supervisor District 5
Consuelo Hernandez (D)

Pima County Attorney
Laura Conover (D)

Pima County Sheriff
Mark Napier (R)

Pima County Recorder
Kim Challender (D)

Pima County Treasurer
Beth Ford (R)

Pima County Assessor
Suzanne Droubie (D)

Pima County Superintendent of Schools
Dustin Williams (D)

*Scored greater than 70% on Legislative Scorecard


Ballot Propositions

Vote "No" on Prop. 205: Sanctuary City Initiative

After careful deliberation, the Tucson Metro Chamber recommends City voters vote "No" on Proposition 205 - Tucson Families Free and Together initiative. The Chamber supports diversity and the rights of all people who live in our community. We also appreciate that discrimination and profiling is a potential danger and must be stymied. This citizen's initiative, however, is not the answer. If Prop 205 is passed, there is a significant risk that the City of Tucson could lose hundreds of millions of dollars in both state and federal funding. For example, the City could face the loss of 26% of General Fund revenues from the state—a catastrophic scenario-- if this proposition is determined to be in violation of Arizona Law. A cut of that magnitude would significantly hamper the City's ability to provide and perform basic civic functions. An additional loss of $11.2 million in federal grants would also be at risk, largely related to public safety and investigations.
Many provisions of this initiative are interpreted to be in direct conflict with existing state law and, if passed, will immediately be legally challenged creating an expensive, time consuming process which will waste already limited taxpayer resources. The magnitude of the unintended consequences of this proposition on the local economy will negatively impact those this initiative is intended to support. Therefore, Tucson Metro Chamber urges City of Tucson residents to vote "No" on Proposition 205 on November 5.

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