2019 General Election Endorsements

The Tucson Metro Chamber advocates for growing, recruiting, and retaining businesses of all sizes. With more than 1,500 investor businesses, and their 160,000 employees, the Chamber hears the needs necessary to achieve economic vitality. The Chamber prioritizes growing commerce because that is the key to making Tucson the destination for business success. As published last spring by the business community at the State of the City Address, growth and diversity in industry are critical and requires leaders to prioritize the following:

  • Core services of public safety, infrastructure, and parks
  • Economic drivers of the region

  • Davis-Monthan Air Force Base as America’s Asset, Tucson’s Treasure

  • Being accessible and responsive to local business stakeholders

  • Mutually beneficial relations with Mexico, the State, Pima County and other local jurisdictions

To arrive at objective candidate endorsements based on pro-business and pro-jobs criteria, the Tucson Metro Chamber's Candidate Evaluation Committee conducted written and oral interviews with all mayoral and council member candidates. The 17-person Candidate Evaluation Committee (5 democrats, 5 republicans, 7 independents) was a politically balanced panel of local business executives representing nearly equal numbers of party affiliation including Independent voters to best reflect the diversity of the Chamber membership. These committee members were selected due to their keen sense of awareness of business, community, and political issues. 

The Candidate Evaluation Committee unanimously presented its recommendations to the Chamber’s Board of Directors for approval based on the quantitative and qualitative results of the interviews. Barbi Reuter, Chair of the Board of Directors said, “These endorsements express the ideals and mission of the Chamber. The views of the endorsed candidates align with our focus on economic development, specifically business attraction and retention, to drive our vibrant community forward.”

Randi Dorman

Rob Elias

Paul Cunningham

Nikki Lee

We hope that you will give strong consideration to the candidates when you and your employees cast their ballots. As always, should you have any questions, please give us a call at (520) 792-1212.

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It’s easy! Navigate to one of the following voter resources to get registered to vote by July 29 for the August 27 primary election.

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