Tucson Metro Chamber
Program of Work


Economic Expansion and Job Creation
  • Retain and expand local business
  • Foster business growth and job creation
  • Promote our community

How we do it

  • Advocacy
  • Workforce Development


Support public policy that promotes economic expansion

  • Create and promote a pro-business legislative agenda
  • Advocate for the preservation and expansion of funding for education
  • Protect funding for career and technical education
  • Maintain the Project Prosperity program

Ensure the business position is represented in elections

  • Evaluate candidates for public office
  • Promote the election of public policy makers who understand and support job creation
  • Promote passage or defeat of business-relevant ballot initiatives
  • Administer the Tucson Metro Chamber Political Action Committee (PAC)

Increase the voice of business with local, state and federal officials

  • Represent business at City Council and County Board meetings
  • Schedule business leaders to appear at City Council and County Board meetings
  • Mobilize Chamber investors to engage with policy decision makers
  • Collaborate with the Southern Arizona Defense Alliance

Promote strategic problem solving between private and public entities

  • Increase Chamber investor awareness of issues and candidate positions
  • Maintain the Coalition Against Retail Theft (CART)
  • Provide We Can Help online help desk resource

Host public policy forums

  • Lead delegation of business leaders to Washington, D.C. to advocate with federal officials
  • Host the State of the State Address
  • Host the State of the City Address
  • Host Issues Over Easy
  • Host Interface

Create new economic opportunity for Tucson region

  • Promote the expansion of air service at Tucson International Airport
  • Host procurement workshops with federal, state, county and city entities
  • Advocate for expanded military mission assignments throughout Southern Arizona

workforce development

Workforce readiness

  • Lead Intern to Career program for high school students
  • Foster better alignment between education and private sector
  • Collaborate with Earn to Learn program

Develop future business leaders

  • Host the Emerging Leaders Council
  • Collaborate with Greater Tucson Leadership