Tucson Metro Chamber Board Releases Positions for November Ballot

Tucson Metro Chamber Board Releases Positions for November Ballot

Tucson, AZ (October 3, 2018) – The Tucson Metro Chamber Board of Directors has released the following positions for the November ballot:

  • YES on Prop 125 Public Retirement System Reforms
  • YES on Prop 126 The Protect Arizona Taxpayers Act
  • NO on Prop 127 Clean Energy for A Healthy Arizona Act
  • YES on Prop 407 City of Tucson Parks & Connections Bonds
  • YES on Prop 463 Pima County Road Bonds

Barbi Reuter, Tucson Metro Chamber Board Chair said, “The Board’s stance on each of these propositions represents the Chamber’s commitment to sound public policy. Economic growth, job creation and investment in infrastructure are foundational for a healthy economy.”

The need to invest in capital projects in our region is paramount to current economic development plans. Tucson Metro Chamber President & CEO Amber Smith believes the time has come for these types of initiatives. “In our effort to grow, retain and attract talent to our region, it is important to show we are willing to invest in ourselves first. Propositions 407 and 463 do just that – they invest millions of dollars into our biggest needs, in a sustainable and responsible fiscal manner.” She went on to say, “Quality roads to travel on and safe, clean, accessible parks are the amenities our community wants and the amenities people look for when deciding where to live or relocate their company.”

About The Tucson Metro Chamber

The Tucson Metro Chamber’s mission is to champion an environment where your business thrives and our community prospers.  The Chamber is a member-based business advocacy and community development organization that represents more than 1,500 businesses, employing more than 160,000 employees in the greater Tucson area.