Help Tucson’s Economy Take Off

Help Tucson’s Economy Take Off

Tucson International Airport is an essential economic driver of Southern Arizona. It is important for Southern Arizonans to understand the significance of utilizing TUS whenever possible for their air travel needs. New flights and routes will not be added if there is not a demonstrated demand. Electing to fly from other airports does not benefit Tucson’s business growth and economic development.

We want others to know that Tucson is open for business, and that Southern Arizona is a vibrant destination with direct access to a number of cities.

To promote a stronger local economy, the Tucson Metro Chamber has partnered with the Tucson Airport Authority to create the “Fly Tucson First” campaign. The goals of the campaign are to promote use of Tucson International Airport and to increase awareness of the detrimental effect choosing to fly out of other airports.

What can you do to help? Sign the pledge! By signing the pledge to fly out of Tucson you are making a commitment to invest in the future of air travel at Tucson International Airport. Click below to #FlyTucsonFirst to show your support for our community and local economy.