2017 Legislative Agenda


  • Advocate for new and increased financial resources for K-12 education and public higher education programs
  • Support the Arizona College and Career Ready Standards
  • Reinstate full funding for four-year Joint Technical Education District (JTED) programming
  • Support education policies based on results and performance
  • Support the Arizona Board of Regents’ FY18 request for the state to invest $77.8 million into the model to begin progress toward the three-year 50/50 funding goal
  • Support the Arizona Board of Regents’ FY18 request for $30 million in one-time funding for critical building renewal and deferred maintenance needs
  • Support full reinstatement of the state funding formula statutorily mandated by the Legislature for community colleges
  • Support legislation to establish a performance-based funding model for community colleges


  • Advance tax policies that encourage job creation, attract capital investment and facilitate Arizona’s ability to attract and retain businesses
  • Oppose state budget proposals that would reduce economic development capacity and impair tourism dollars
  • Support reauthorization of the Military Installation Fund and its funding source
  • Support an increase of the Research and Development Tax Credit
  • Support the Arizona Commerce Authority in implementing a long-term business development plan focusing on economically sustainable, high-wage growth industries


  • Support new and increased revenue sources for infrastructure (roads) needs
  • End Highway User Revenue Fund (HURF) sweeps (as well as other fund sweeps); restore full funding back to counties and municipalities
  • Support infrastructure projects that maximize job creation and investment in Arizona interstate system, including I-10, I-11, and I-19 corridors
  • Develop and implement an appropriate increase to the gasoline sales tax
  • Support and accelerate the pace of statewide highway and road construction to facilitate intrastate, interstate and international commerce and reduce congestion


  • Conform to federal income tax changes by January 31 of each year
  • Support fixes to the Transaction Privilege Tax (TPT); support any clean up legislation
  • Support increased funding for the child care subsidy
  • Oppose reductions in funding for the Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System