Tucson Metro Chamber
Emerging Leaders Council

The Emerging Leaders Council (ELC) is a diverse team of under-40, upwardly mobile young professionals rooted in the Tucson community whose mission is to accelerate the growth of Tucson’s business climate along with their own careers. The ELC is comprised of young professionals who are proven top performers representing “best in class” companies across a variety of local organizations including private, public and non-profit.

The ELC was founded in 2014 under the leadership of Ben Korn, Safeguard, Melissa Dulaney-Moule, T.E.P. and Whitney Thistle, United Way of Tucson and Southern Arizona and is supported by the Tucson Metro Chamber’s executive team and its Board of Directors. At monthly roundtable meetings, the ELC has robust discussions about what political, economic and social challenges we face here in Southern Arizona. The ELC also regularly hosts guest speakers including prominent local elected leaders and key business leaders who share valuable insights about our community and career development.

What differentiates this group from others is its demonstrated commitment to mentorship. Each ELC member is paired with an accomplished senior executive who can help them navigate the road ahead with valuable insight and experience.

Additionally, the ELC promotes a culture of civic activism and awareness relative to our local political and business landscape. Through these key tenets of knowledge and connections, the Emerging Leaders thrive on a desire to enrich the Tucson community while simultaneously propelling their own careers.

The Emerging Leaders Council also serves as a contributor to members of the Tucson Metro Chamber Board of Directors on issues involving strategies to keep Tucson competitive in a world economy.

If you are interested in joining the Emerging Leaders Council please complete the form below and a member of the ELC will contact you with more information.
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“The Emerging Leaders Council (ELC) has given me the opportunity to connect with a diverse and talented group of young professionals from all over Tucson. These connections have led to good friendships and professional resources in the private and public sectors. In our short time as a group, I have learned and appreciated that we all have the share the same vision, and that we can talk about steps we can take to help improve the business climate and opportunities for our region. I am looking forward to continuing to grow these relationships and gain additional knowledge from this group and together make a difference in Tucson.”Teresa Bravo, Pima County